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I was chatting with a friend of mine, and the subject of sexting and sex tapes came up. He didn’t get why it is people actually do these things. Putting aside the obvious conclusion that if it exists someone you don’t want to will see it, and the fact that in this new culture you never know when you may become a celebrity, what really is the point?

Do people get turned on by watching themselves? Are people masturbating while watching themselves have sex rather than actually fucking? This friend who well call “stiffie” (his choice not mine take it up with him) brought something up as a joke, but it may actually be useful if you are in the right relationship.

All the tech for this exists, and is pretty cheap so it’s very doable, the only question is whether someone will have the vision necessary to being this to market.

Sports style video analysis.


Think about it.

Using Xs and Os on freeze frames to call out “bad plays” or comment on something that is good and a person should do more of.

“See if you look at the stroke here you’re spending too much time going straight up the middle, there isn’t enough lateral movement.” “Yes but if you move to the next play, you can see a missed opportunity on the back end, you have to take advantage of all openings.”

You can also make your own bloopers reel – “Oh no! Right in the eye! That’s gonna leave a mark!”

If apple made the product I’m sure it would be simple, like the obvious iFuck. If Microsoft brings it to us we can look forward to Windows Sexy Movie Assistant Premium Version 2010.

It would be cool if there was a Disney version that turned you into cartoons, but that’s another post.

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4 Comments on “Home sex tapes”

  • philostophelies
    13 January, 2010,

    β€œThe fewer rules a coach has, the fewer rules there are for players to break.”

  • 14 January, 2010,

    would only work for men. no woman would want to be “critique” β€” fun or not β€” in this manner.

  • leor
    14 January, 2010,

    you forget how much women like to criticize, she may not be able to pass up that opportunity

  • idchafee
    14 January, 2010,

    For the record, I did not pick “Stiffie,” it was bestowed upon me. I also think that a running commentary would be good, like John Madden yelling “BAM!!” at opportune moments. I think another well-used feature would be the rewind button, you could start at the end of the play and track backwards, seeing where it all went wrong.

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