Everything is stupid in retrospect

Looking back on a person’s decisions, life choices, romantic partners, etc. often leads to the conclusion most of the things we do are pretty stupid and short sighted. The only infallible exception to this rule applies to whatever we’re currently doing in the moment. We have loads of reasons and justifications as to why we did that thing at work, why we cursed out this person in that situation, or why we took home that other person from the bar, and the totally justified stop at the petting zoo on the way, it was the absinthe right?

Of course eventually life’s current events slide to the past and join the barrage of stupidity that came before, and if you’re very unlucky, it ends up on the internet.

So if most people will agree that they have been prone to dumb or silly choices in the past, why do they seem so confident in their current actions? I’d like to start a new support group called DAA, Dumb Asses Anonymous. Here is a video of the Man I’d like to anoint Patron Saint of DAA.

In the immortal words of St. Moe, “Why I oughta…”

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4 Comments on “Everything is stupid in retrospect”

  • philostopheles
    25 May, 2011,

    As i began to write this comment i paused for a minute, to reflect back and think… would this be a comment id be proud of? or would i look back years from now and see this comment as one of many mistakes in life that lead me to joining Dumb Asses Anonymous back in 2011. and then i thought would it really be anonymous since i just noted it here for all to see? If that’s the case, have i then regressed? Do I have to now give back my one year chip that I stole from a neighbor six months into the program? Looking at that very chip now, I’m sadden. First by its loss in meaning, and second because i had originally thought it to have some type of monetary worth. That being said my comment to this post is simply “WAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA, why certainly”

  • reli4nt
    26 May, 2011,

    The beauty of the current internet age is that our stupidity will eternally be enshrined in blog posts, status updates and YouTube videos.

    To that I must ask, is this a stupid post yet or is it too soon? This is already a stupid comment. Maybe the past is catching up with me. I think I should type faster.

  • Stiffie
    27 May, 2011,

    I like cheese

  • 14 October, 2011,

    An anonymous Dumb ass is an oxymoron, everyone else knows. But it’s O.K they won’t tell you unless you open your mouth and say something.


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