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The usefulness of items equation.

All items in the world have a hidden usefulness equation that determines how effective, but not necessarily how successful that product is in the real world. This equation is a work in progress (I just thought of it 5 minutes ago, but it’s been an idea I’ve had in the back of my mind for […]

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Why doesn’t Microsoft just kick everyone’s ass?

I’m sort of a computer aficionado, a geek if you will. I’ve always had a cutting edge computer, often quite literally as I’ve cut my hands countless times while building my new bad ass PC. What confuses me is the fact that my computer doesn’t feel any faster than the computer I had 10 years ago. It takes about the same amount of time to boot up, it’s about as responsive when I click or open something and it locks up, crashes or plain malfunctions with about the same frequency. The major difference in my computing life has been an increase in internet speed, multimedia and gaming.

Sleek, streamlined companies like Apple and Google are moving in to kick Microsoft’s ass with their simple, clear, responsive, flexible products. Will Microsoft be able to respond, or will they continue to thrash around like a headless chicken with nothing to do other than trip itself up, bump into things and, when it can get the firepower, shoot itself in the foot?

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