Tongue play

There is an inequity with regards to what is socially acceptable in terms of how we relate to where, when and by whom tongues touch our bodies. We tend to have no problem if any random animal (though we usually prefer cats and dogs) licks us on our hand or other ares of exposed skin as long as that body part is one an individual would typically brandish in public, and it’s not the mouth.

On the other hand, we find it odd for people to lick us on the hands or other random body parts but putting your tongue in a person’s mouth is completely normal, some people being more discriminate than others. Yet the idea of sticking your tongue in an animal’s mouth is completely not socially acceptable even though it’s pretty common knowledge that animal’s mouths are cleaner than ours.

I don’t have a proper ending for this post, so I’ll just leave this video as a warning to the inebriated:

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  • philostopheles
    16 May, 2011,

    that’s gross

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