Has life ever sprung from poo?

If anyone was going to ask the question…

But it’s important to get clear on what the question is. Clearly there have been different species that have used various poo from different animals to gestate their eggs or for food but this is not the question at hand.

The question is: has there ever been or could there ever be a circumstance by which poo of any sort could acheive sentience? Well maybe sentience is going too far, so I’ll take any sort of self propelled locomotion and or rudimentary digestive system.

Anything? Gamma radiation? Cosmic rays? Mold spores? Reality TV?

If it ever did happen what would we call the new lifeform?

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2 Comments on “Has life ever sprung from poo?”

  • philostophalies
    6 January, 2010,

    it has to, why else would you on a average day run in to so many shit heads in your life. At work, on the train, your own family members.
    is it just a saying ? i think not. even if its a stereotype, it still then holds a bit of truth in it. think about.

  • 14 October, 2011,

    It’s already happened and it’s a three way tie.

    Republican / Teabagger / Libertarian

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