Can the Boogey Man Boogie?

Is he dancing up a storm in the closet before he comes out and goes after your children? What’s he doing in the closet anyway? What would you say about someone who was chillin in the closet gettin his dance on? Is the idea of a gay, dancing monster less scary, or more scary?

Does he sashay out of the closet at night when the lights are out in leather assless chaps and a belly shirt and go, “HEYYYYY!? Guess who’s here to eat you!”

Fuck, I think I just scared myself a little . . . I’m off to buy a night light!

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3 Comments on “Can the Boogey Man Boogie?”

  • 2 September, 2009,

    Thanks for making me revisit my childhood fears. At least now I can drink til I pass out when I can’t sleep. Oh wait, that just made it worse, no!

  • Stiffie
    3 September, 2009,

    I would be that a gay dancing monster would be much scarier. If he is in fact gay, he would be incredibly bitter over the disrimination and ridicule he’s gotten through his lifetime of homosexual scariness. And he’s probbaly just a touch insane. Yes, much scarier.

  • Stephanie
    5 September, 2009,

    lol leave it to you….

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