Setting the Record straight.

It’s a sad state of affairs when I am forced to set aside my general moronic ravings and be the voice of reason, but there are times that call for nothing less but the most extraordinary of efforts. The purpose of this post is to set the record straight about the behavior of pedophiles, and why it’s impossible Michael jackson could have committed any of the acts for which he was accused.

Here is a quote from

The prognosis of successfully ending pedophilic habits among persons who practice pedophilia is not favorable. Pedophiles have a high rate of recidivism; that is, they tend to repeat their acts often over time.

The main method for preventing pedophilia is avoiding situations that may promote pedophilic acts. Children should never be allowed to in one-on-one situations with any adult other than their parents or trustworthy family members. Having another youth or adult as an observer provides some security for all concerned. Conferences and other activities can be conducted so as to provide privacy while still within sight of others.

Michael Jackson had been around hundreds of children without supervision over the course of the 10 years in between the first and second trial. During the course of the second trial the prosecution sought out the children that had been in Michael’s company to try to find some corroborating evidence to back up the story, and they were not able to produce a single verifiable witness.

Think about that.

Child molestation is a sickness, a molester simple can’t help themselves when they are around children and Michael was around children ALL the time. If he was actually a molester, the kids would have been coming out of the woodwork, and there would be no doubt of his guilt.

Was it weird that he hung out with kids all the time? Well yes and no. No one can really understand either the childhood he endured, and his level of fame. I can’t think of anyone in my lifetime who was more famous than Michael Jackson, and I’m sure most of the adults around him were either on his payroll, or were such huge fans that they elevated him to the level of icon and didn’t see him as a human being. From there it’s a pretty simple logical leap to understand why he might prefer to spend his time with children. I know there are things from my childhood I am still chasing today, this poor man was chasing an ENTIRE CHILDHOOD, and hanging out with the only people who didn’t have some angle, or something they wanted to take from him.

No that role fell to their unscrupulous parents. The greedy bastards who saw an opportunity for a money grab and went for it despite the damage they must have known it would cause to this gentle soul. It was those 2 trials that created his drug problem, and caused him to be less prolific. They shattered his mental and physical health, and in the end took him away from us not only too early, but also with less art than we might have otherwise been privelidged to receive.

Some things are too beautiful to exist in this world, we have not reached a point in our collective development where a soul this gentle and loving can exist without being misunderstood and torn down. This is certainly not the first time this has occurred, but for me, it’s one of the saddest, and one fo the greatest losses. I can only hope that a lesson is learned here, and the vile masses who take pleasure from seeing a great person in pain and cast down from greatness for no other reason than their own insecurities can once and for all be silenced in the same way no terrorist will ever be able again to hijack a plane with a knife.

Michael Jackson -  we will never forget.

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2 Comments on “Setting the Record straight.”

  • Sherika
    11 July, 2009,

    I will always love Michael. He may have been of this world, but he really didn’t belong here…I consider myself fortunate to have his presence for a brief time during my lifetime.

  • Lee
    20 August, 2009,

    No doubt about it, you make some good points.

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