I’m worried.

That I may have alienated the 6 people who read this by not posting for 2 weeks. I’m going to file this under useful stuff, even though it’s not useful. I figure I have to fill that category with something, and it’s unlikely to get filled on its own, what with all the opportunities to be completely useless at my disposal.

Fuck Time Warner.

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4 Comments on “I’m worried.”

  • Stephanie
    8 May, 2009,

    god, you’re slow :p

  • philostopheles
    15 July, 2011,

    let me add a Fuck Optimum Online as well. In over 40 yrs ive only had 1 good thing every come out of that company. what is you may ask?
    1- low rates? – NO
    2- free DVR? – NO
    3- fast internet speed? – NO
    4- quality porn channels? – NO
    5- quality on demand? – NO
    6- quality phone service? – NO
    7- free offers from a triple play? – NO
    8- streaming? – NO
    9- free remote or extra box? – NO
    10- NFL package? – NO

    all i got is a very cool opt ipad app. thats it, bravo on the app!

    And FUCK YOU on everything else you do.

    and that goes for fucking over the knicks and rangers too.

    oh what you think i forgot about that. how you raise tickets, while producing a shit ass team on the court. fuck you Cable Vision.

    you can suck my fuckin dick.

    You wana know why i stole cable for years in the 90′s and split that signal 6 ways to Sunday? Its cause of you DOLAN.

    Die already you Asshole……..

  • philostopheles
    15 July, 2011,

    OK in response to my last post, i must say i’m sorry to every one for that rant. I was very upset but now a few minutes have passed. The cable topic is a very sensitive one to me, very close to my heart. Once again i apologize for going off like that and forgetting to mention some key points.

    I forget to mention how Jim Dolan is the DEVIL. He’s a pure piece of shit. A spineless ignorant waste of space with no soul. That’s right Jim, yo ain’t going to heaven. Not even doggy heaven. But when you do die there will be a party at MSG, where Patrick Ewing will raise you body to the rafters just high enough for the ny rangers to swing at you like a pinata with there sticks.

  • philostopheles
    15 July, 2011,

    OK ok, again a few more minutes have passed. I counted to 10.
    I’m calm now. I can now calmly say, I’m sorry if you all thought that last rant came only out of anger. I just want to set the record straight, I meant everything I said and even some more things that I didn’t write only because I can’t spell them.

    thank you

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